Auction Tips that will help you get a better price for your prize model

1. If you have a large number of items to consigned at the auction get in touch with us.

           Phone Grant  403-335-2390,      Email Grant

2. Package item in packets with value of at least $10.00 or items may repackaged at consignment. 

3. Label the model with an information sheet: Name, size, what is included. 

4. Items that are to be sold as one unit must be connected together and label clearly.  

5. Get to the sale and consign your items early. Consignment time has an influences on sale order.

6. Repair any damage. Broken planes get low bids.

7. Assorted items that are contained in boxes should have a list of contents attached.

8. Package small and valued items so that they can be clearly identified. 

9. Clean the model.