MacNair RC Scale Aerobatics Competition

AUGUST - August 11 & 12 - 2018

Starting time 9:00 AM 

Dry camping on site. 

Lunch on site for small fee

Field Map Check Here

GPS Coordinate (WGS84) 


degrees minutes  Seconds


+ 51 40 42.3
Longitude -114 09 18.3

For Info contact Ray

403-556-7609 home

403-559-7609 cell 


Previous Competition Pictures

What a wonderful weekend of flying. Campers arrived on site Thursday and never left until Monday.

Everyone helped to make the weekend a success, clubs members, wives and visiting pilots. It was so nice to see everyone work together. 

Things that were difficult just worked out, Thank you so much COOKs

Thank You Everyone

Pictures from the weekend

Check Image to enlarge

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New this year

Practice The Unknown

How to fly the Unknown

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769.jpg (106029 bytes)

771.jpg (111880 bytes)

What to think about before the flight

It will start

Are you ready

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2037.jpg (73250 bytes)

Level approach

Dalton Extra 300

First Place in Intermediate

758.jpg (107655 bytes)

761.jpg (96294 bytes)

Getting it together

I say "START", it starts

Things have to be held down

762.jpg (91372 bytes)

767.jpg (125394 bytes)

2036.jpg (72743 bytes)

Don't pass over the LINE

A Godfrey 

Second Place in Intermediate

747.jpg (106155 bytes)

778.jpg (124626 bytes)

2033.jpg (65213 bytes)

It's all up to you now

A Matt Hall by Eg aircraft

First Place in Basic

735.jpg (120014 bytes)

737.jpg (85699 bytes)

2032.jpg (67927 bytes)

Getting the feel of it

Hangar 9 YAK

Second Place in Basic

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749.jpg (111327 bytes)

776.jpg (111513 bytes)

Expert advice

It will level out

Third Place in Basic

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774.jpg (116655 bytes)


Pilot helper

The big one is at home


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Getting ready to call a sequence

Pre flight CHECK

Some of the planes

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732.jpg (86645 bytes)

741.jpg (133877 bytes)

Plane Discussions

Pilots Meeting

Scribes and Judges

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2023.jpg (96943 bytes)

2041.jpg (93831 bytes)

Award Gallery

Data entry Team

My Executive Helper


Short for  International Miniature Aerobatic Club a USA based club

MAAC RC Scale Aerobatics 

In Canada we would fly IMAC with a MAAC membership and IMAC membership to retain competition points.

Links to web sites

USA           International Miniature Aerobatic Club